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The more you know, the harder it is to explain.
Learn techniques to talk about complexity without being complicated.

Invest in yourself with workshops in technical communication.
Expand your career options, write grants and pitches, recruit the best collaborators, and change the conversation with the public. Great ideas don't speak for themselves.

We take the best content out there and distill it into custom interactive workshops. Learn efficiently through theory, practice, and individualized feedback. We've worked with over 500 Ph.D. students, medical students, faculty, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them talk about their work and why it matters. What can we help you explain? Book a workshop and level up your skills.




About us

  • Ardon Shorr Ardon Shorr

    Ardon’s workshops have appeared at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, AAAS, and SXSWedu. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches science communication.

  • Mark Whiting Mark Whiting

    Mark is a postdoc at Stanford and has led design workshops around the world for 10 years.


  • Individual event

    Choose a topic and we will present a workshop, or give a talk about it.

    $1000 per event

  • Event bundle

    Need more events?
    We can bundel 3 to 5 together.

    $900 per event

  • Many events

    If you need more times and customization, this option is for you.

    $800 per event

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  • The content is all very relevant and useful

    Ph.D. candidate

    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Their technical background meant they had interesting and relevant examples.

    Faculty in Computer Science

    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Excellent, an enjoyable and fun journey

    Ph.D. candidate

    Carnegie Mellon University